Liz Forrest has been walking the Toltec Path since 1992 when she embarked on an apprenticeship with a Nagual woman of the Eagle Knight Lineage brought forth by don Miguel Ruiz Sr., the author of the The Four Agreements, and other well known Toltec wisdom books.  Liz has since received extensive training including the teacher certification trainings offered by don Miguel Ruiz Sr. and many workshops, classes, ceremonies and journeys offered by him and his master teachers throughout the years.
Liz journeys to Teotihuacan, Mexico yearly, (which is where the Toltec civilization resided from 200-700 AD) and continues to work and study closely with a shaman family there.  She began teaching in 1995 and has guided many students to a more authentic empowered level of themselves, through awareness, discipline and love.  She has been leading Power Journeys since TeoPoster201620172004 to Mexico.  Currently, she offers Toltec classes in Vancouver,  on Saltspring Island,  and leads Power Journeys in Teotihuacan, Mexico.  She also offers individual healing treatments by appointment.

Liz is also a FIREWALK INSTRUCTOR, certified by Sundoor International Firewalking School, and offers this ancient ceremony several times a year.