Toltec Classes


AWARENESS is the true foundation of the spiritual warrior. Learn how to heighten your awareness and discover your impeccability, in other words, learn the correct use of your energy.

Discover what “belief systems” and “agreements” no longer serve you and keep you replaying the same old patterns, habits and actions in your life.

Learn the “Stalking Practice”, an ancient Toltec tool that energetically disconnects you from your past, reclaiming all your energy to live in the present with choice and joy. Integrate the Three Toltec Masteries: The Mastery of Awareness, The Mastery of Transformation, The Mastery of Intent/Love. Sit in circle with others and experience the power and gifts the energy and support of a consistent  class can offer.

Learn more about Toltec Wisdom and begin to experience how this ancient knowledge can alter your life to live fully in your present.

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